Ready for the Redesign: A Nonprofit Website Incubator


Website redesign projects are overwhelming and complicated.

As a nonprofit communications professional, your website redesign is probably your biggest, most exciting and most intimidating project.

As you head into your redesign, you might be asking yourself questions such as…

How do I even get started? What’s the first step?

What do we actually **need** in our new site versus what’s “nice to have”?

How much should we expect to spend? Is our budget enough for what we want?

Will I be able to find the right vendor? How will I work with all our stakeholders?

These are important questions and your ability to find the answers will impact the success (or failure) of your redesign.

When a nonprofit website redesign project goes off the rails, it impacts the entire organization, from excessive costs to delayed timelines to overloaded staff.

As a leader in your organization and of the redesign project, your role is to prepare yourself and your team for a successful launch.